Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to Female mindset
    • What Will You Learn In This Course?
    • Getting started to understand them
  • 2
    Understanding Woman
  • 3
    Describe Ideal Man
    • What Makes Man a Man?
    • Describe Your Ideal Man
    • How Much Looks Is Really Matter?
    • What Turns on Woman
    • Everything about age and years
  • 4
    Clubbing Mindset
    • Everything about preparing for going out
    • Real reason why woman go to Bars and Clubs
    • Female corner : Approach them alone or with friend?
    • How open to One Night Stands are they?
    • Sexual Escalation explained from female mind
    • What Really Happens in Restrooms
  • 5
    Understanding woman
    • Why woman do Friend Zone trick
    • Why Hygiene is So Important for them?
    • Why Woman Love Badboy's?
    • Shit-tests Explained. Why we test you
    • How To Recognize Horny Girls?
  • 6
    The End
    • Congratulations!


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